Why Choose Dr. Surek?

Dr. Christopher Surek completed his medical school and plastic surgery residency training here in Kansas City and has completed a specialty fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Surek is a board-certified plastic surgeon and nationally recognized for education and innovation in the field of cosmetic surgery. Most notably, he is the co-author of Facial Volumization: An Anatomic Approach, currently one of the top-selling textbooks in facial aesthetic surgery. He is the recipient of three national research awards in plastic surgery and teaches facial anatomy courses for filler injections and facial surgery both nationally and internationally. In addition to his textbook, Dr. Surek has co-authored book chapters on filler injection, chemical peeling, and facial cosmetic surgery techniques.

Christopher C. Surek, DO, FACS

Christopher Surek, DO | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Kansas CityChristopher Surek, DO | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Kansas City

Published Work

Facial Volumization: An Anatomic Approach

Essentials of Aesthetic Surgery

Centrofacial Rejuvenation

Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery – Eighth Edition

Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery – Eighth Edition

Deep Pyriform Space: Anatomical Clarifications and Clinical Implications

No-Touch Technique for Lip Enhancement

Pertinent Anatomy and Analysis for Midface Volumizing Procedures

Three-Dimensional Topographic Surface Changes in Response to Compartmental Volumization of the Medial Cheek: Defining a Malar Augmentation Zone

Volumizing Viaducts of the Midface: Defining the Beut Techniques

What Is the Lobular Branch of the Great Auricular Nerve? Anatomical Description and Significance in Rhytidectomy

Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  Decided to go to Dr. Surek for filler. He is great at explaining what he is doing, and involves me in the process so that we are both in agreement with the look we are trying to achieve. He is very skilled, professional, and personable. I won't be going anywhere else, but to him. Truly a gem, as well as the entire team!!!! –
Source : Google – Jan 29, 2023
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  Dr Surek gives you the best result you could ask for! He cares about his work and his patient. He is personable and professional. He revised a prior surgery that didn’t turn out so well to an A+!! My scar is 99% better!! Him and his staff are very responsive also to any questions or issues that arise. –
Source : Healthgrades – Jan 22, 2023
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  I was referred to Dr Chris by a very dear friend who by the way is truly a stunning woman. Went in to discuss the possibility of having a facelift and my eyelids done…did it and so happy I did. I look fabulous 🥰 Afterwards, discussed with Dr Chris my disdain for my c-section scar after two children which runs vertical. He assured me I’d be delighted with the results & all that extra skin would be gone & my clothes would fit better. While at it we decided to do reduction of my breast. I am over the moon with my results. Dr Chris is a skilled surgeon, an educator for those in the field, a communicator and he honestly cares about each of his patients. If you are on the fence about the possibility this type of treatment is for you, go see Dr Chris. Talk to him about your concerns and get his opinion. Then do it, don’t wait until you are a 67 year young woman like me. This is not a dress rehearsal go ahead and put yourself in his care. –
Source : Google – Jan 18, 2023
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  I am so happy with Dr. Surek. He is great! All of his staff are friendly, caring and overall, wonderful. –
Source : Google – Jan 13, 2023
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  Walking in to a surgical consultation, you are filled with questions, doubt and fear. I wanted to make certain that my cosmetic surgeon was as concerned about my body, the outcome, scars and general well being as I am. I am choosing Dr. Surek to do my surgical procedures because I now believe that I am in the best possible hands. I believe that his goals for me align with my own and that my results are going to far exceed my own expectations. I cannot wait to update this post with testimonial that describes me and my most excellent body because I am worth it. –
Source : Healthgrades – Jan 06, 2023
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  Very pleased with the staff and Dr. Surek during my consultation. –
Source : Google – Nov 18, 2022
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  I was referred to Dr Surek by the person that does my Botox and fillers for many years now. She said she sees a lot of plastic surgeons incisions with her customers and Dr Surek’s incisions were phenomenal! Then at my consultation with Dr Surek, I knew I had the right doctor for my procedure. I’m so very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and so pleased with Dr Surek and his staff. They are wonderful! If you are contemplating a cosmetic procedure, you will not go wrong with Dr Surek! –
Source : Google – Nov 11, 2022
Christopher Surek, DO
5 Stars  Removal of skin cancer with follow ups went great –
Source : Google – Oct 14, 2022