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Facial Volumization: An Anatomic Approach 

Essentials of Aesthetic Surgery

Centrofacial Rejuvenation

Operative Techniques in Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery – Eighth Edition


Deep Pyriform Space: Anatomical Clarifications and Clinical Implications

“No-Touch” Technique for Lip Enhancement

Pertinent Anatomy and Analysis for Midface Volumizing Procedures

Three-Dimensional Topographic Surface Changes in Response to Compartmental Volumization of the Medial Cheek: Defining a Malar Augmentation Zone

Volumizing Viaducts of the Midface: Defining the Beut Techniques

What Is the Lobular Branch of the Great Auricular Nerve? Anatomical Description and Significance in Rhytidectomy

Facial Anatomy for Filler Injection

Facelift Part 1 – History, Anatomy, and Clinical Assessment

Retrobulbar Injection for Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filler-Induced Blindness


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